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Interview Waiver



Interview waivers are granted by visa officers in situations where it is clear that an applicant qualifies for Canadian permanent residency. Usually where in the paper screening stage the applicant has received 67 points or more. Applicants who meet one of the following criteria would not normally be interviewed:

  • if the information provided on the application form and accompanying documents clearly shows that an applicant will accumulate sufficient points of assessment to meet the pass mark for their particular occupational group;

  • if applicants fail to accumulate sufficient points of assessment and have no chance of accumulating sufficient additional points during the interview. 

The essential criterion is that the applicant appears eligible for Canadian PR status regardless of performance during an interview. Risk management is also a concern, and in the cases of offshore applications recent experience suggests that waivers are granted only to applicants employed by large multinational companies, whereby verification of the details of employment can be easily done. This is the sign that work experience or education in respected institutions or corporations is important, because that removes a large part of the doubt surrounding the applicant's language skills, and the credibility of documentation.


Applicants should appreciate the fact that interview waivers are granted on a discretionary and subjective basis. The immigration posts do not give reasons for their decisions and there is not a specific personal profile which may guarantee interview waiver. It should be understood that in the event that a security risk is an issue, interview waiving is not a likelihood. In addition, the notice that an interview waiver has been granted is not a guarantee that an interview will not take place. The opposite, however, can also maybe true; as we have had cases where the request for an interview was revoked, and a waiver granted.



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