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Quebec Selection Criteria   



Provincial Selection Program is designed to choose the qualified workers whose occupation is in demand in Quebec, and who have a high likelihood for employment in the medium term. The fact that you practice one of these professions in your home country does not guaranty your acceptance.


Aerospace engineers
Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
Bilingual technical writers (French and English)
Chemical engineers
Computer engineers
Computer programmers
Computer systems analysts
Consulting agronomists, specialists in fertilization
Dieticians and nutritionists
Electrical and electronics engineering technologists, specializing in
instrumentation and automation
Electrical and electronics engineers
Industrial and manufacturing engineers
Industrial instruments technicians specializing in maintenance analysis
Machine tool operators (computer-aided, numerically controlled tools
Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians
Mechanical engineers
Occupational therapists
Science policy and program officers : Multimedia interface specialists
Technical sales specialists, wholesale trade
Tool and die makers
Translators specializing in technical and scientific fields (French and

Selection Criteria  

In order to be considered as an Independent applicant in the skilled worker category, an individual must satisfy one of the following:

  • have at least 6 months full-time experience in a high demand profession; 

  • have at least 6 months full-time experience and have "assured employment" (similar to "arranged" employment on the federal side); 

  • have at least 6 months full-time experience and score at least 30 out of a possibility of 52 on the "Calculation of the Employability and Professional Mobility" factor;

Once the individual met one of the above, then the following calculations are made: 



Applicant without spouse - 65 out of 115 

Applicant with spouse - 75 out of 132

1. Education (Maximum points: 17)  

no secondary diploma 0 points

secondary diploma 3 points

post-secondary diploma 5 points

university diploma (1 yr) 6 points

university diploma (2yrs) 7 points

university (3yrs - 1st level) 8 points

university (2nd level) 10 points

university (3rd level) 11 points

Second specialty 

diploma (l year) 1 

diploma (2 years or more) 2 

Privileged education 

diploma on the list of "privileged education" 4 

2. Employment (Maximum points: 15 - Minimum points: 7) 

assured employment 15 points 

on high demand list 12 points

scored at least 30 points under the "Employability and Professional Mobility" 

3. Experience (Maximum points: 10- Minimum points: 1)

1 point per each 6 months of full time work experience 

4. Adaptability (Maximum points: 31) 

personal qualities (Maximum points: 15) This is determined at the time of interview. The officer will consider the individual's qualities by asking simple questions that will permit to evaluate the individual. The officer will be looking for: flexibility, sociability, dynamism, initiative, perseverance, self- confidence, sense of realism and maturity - all of these qualities in relation to the individual's professional and day to day life;


motivation (Maximum points: 5) This also determined at the time of interview. The officer will consider the individual's motivation by asking simple questions that will permit the officer to evaluate the individual's motivation with respect to his/her emigration and his/her choice of the province of Quebec;

knowledge of Quebec (Maximum points: 2). This is determined at the time of the interview. The officer will ask questions relating to: the job market, the conditions of the individual's intended occupation, standards of living and weather conditions;

time spent in Quebec (Maximum points: 5) 


studied or worked in Quebec for at least 6 months 5 

visited for at least 2 weeks 2 

relatives or friends in Quebec (Maximum points: 4)  

if individual has a family member living in Quebec 4 

if individual has a friend living in Quebec 2 

5. Age (Maximum points: 10) 

23 to 30 years old 10 points deduct 1 point per year after 30 

6. Language (Maximum points: 23) 

French (Maximum points: 17)

oral comprehension 6 points

oral expression 5 points

written comprehension 4 points

educated at post secondary level in French 2 points. At interview, the officer will evaluate this factor by asking questions and by providing simple texts. The individual will then have to:

understand questions relating to various aspects of everyday life, 

answer these questions with complete sentences using proper grammar and proper pronunciation, and 

read a short text and comprehend the general sense of it. 

English (Maximum points: 6) 

oral comprehension 3 points

oral expression 3 points. The officer will determine this factor using the same tools as mentioned above. 

7. Spouse's characteristics (Maximum points: 17)

Education (Maximum points: 5) 

secondary diploma 2 points

post secondary diploma add 1 point 

university diploma add 1 point 

if completed a "Second Specialty" or has "Privileged Education" (see annex) add 1 point 

Experience (Maximum points: 2) 

6 months to 1 year - 1 point 

more than 1 year 2 points 

Age (Maximum points: 2) 

30 and under 2 points

31 to 39 1 point

French (Maximum points: 8) 

oral comprehension 3 points

oral expression 3 points

written comprehension 2 points. The officer will evaluate the spouse's language abilities in the same manner as the principal applicant. 

8. Children (Maximum points: 8)

12 years old and under 2 points per child 

13 to 17 1 point per child 

9. Financial capabilities (Maximum points: 1 - Minimum points: 1) 

Individual must be able to support self and dependents for at least 3 months.



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